Sunday, 9 December 2012

Deck the halls with sex and egg nog!

It was warm in Alex's arms; I felt truly at home there.
As I looked up into his eyes he looked down at me. Our stare held, neither of us wanting to look away, we were captivated in desire. He bent down to kiss me, and I allowed his lips merge into mine. Thoughts and feelings rushed around in my head, my body full of love and lust.

Alex pulled away from our kiss " Damn it!" He grumbled

" What?" I snuggled into his chest

" Do you not remember why we came here?" He asked

" To make love?" I answered with hope

" For the meteor shower!" His voice reflected a mixture of frustration and amusement.

" Oh, and?" I pressed

" Well, my dear Electra. Whilst we were playing tonsil tennis we missed it!"

" Oh" I tried to sound disappointed " Well, maybe next time... Besides, don't act as if you didn't enjoy it" I laughed

" You're right" He kissed me repetitive times on my cheek and neck. Then he made his way up to my lips.

We were about to meet when " Garrrrgllleeouuuuuuucccccchhhhhhhhhhyyyyyyyy"

" What?" He pulled away in confusion

I gasped " Grrrrr" I tried to speak " The- B-Baby!" I screamed

" Oh god!" He panicked, his hands on his head " Why? Why on our date? You give birth to MY MOMS BABIES!?" His last words echoed in my mind, bouncing with pain and panic.
He picked me up. I curled into myself as he carried me to the car.
As we drove I couldn't help but look at him, he was so nice, so friendly... And good looking.

" What?" He asked with a smile " Why are you looking at me?"

" Because I love you so much" I managed a painful smile " Do you love me?" I fluttered my eyelashes

He looked away from the road " Of course I do!" He blew me a kiss " Are you always this annoying when you're giving birth?" He laughed

I scowled sarcastically " Yes, and you're going to have to deal with it" I felt really smug.


Although the labour was hard Alex stayed with me through it all. I appreciated his manly tears when the babies were born.

I called them:




I aged them up into toddlers straight away. It was only a matter of time until people began to arrive for the Christmas gathering.

I kissed Alex goodbye when we arrived back at the house, he said that he'd join his mother and come back later.

Just before the guests arrived I slipped on some festive clothes. I put the triplets into the cutest clothes possible, and put the turkey into the oven.

Ding Dong Ding

The doorbell rang. I straightened my dress out and opened the door. It was Natalie and Alex II. I scowled at Natalie

" You are wearing the same dress as me!"

she scowled back " Dress thief!"

She walked into the house. I leaped into Alex's arms and we smooched.

" Get a room!" We heard Natalie shout

" We did!" I shouted back " You're in it!" Alex and I both giggled.

As we sat down the doorbell rang again. This time it was Skye.

" You have to be kidding me!" I shouted as she walked in " YOU have my dress too!?"

She ignored me and walked into the living room.

" I want food" Stated Skye. Natalie laughed at her. Unsure whether or not she was serious I went into the kitchen to check on the food. Natalie had given each other presents the day before so only Skye was left to buy for.
Natalie got her a fluffy Dalek toy. She loved that.
And I got her a phantom of the opera chess set. She smiled. It was scary.

We sat on the carpet and played. Skye was the phantoms team, black. The rest of us worked together as white: Christine's team. She claimed that she could beat all three of us. Pfft. I bet her a skinny dip that she couldn't.

" And You're out!" Screamed Skye. Alex frowned.

" That's not fair!" He whined " My pawn was over there!"

I grabbed his shoulder and pulled him back into the so called 'losers corner'. Only Natalie could save us now.
Alex and I watched intensely as Natalie moved her 'ballet' piece. Skye moved her noose. The tension was unbearable. A bead of sweat rolled down Natalie's face; Alex and I trembled in each others arms.

" Check. Mate."

A simultaneous groan filled the room. Skye had won.

" Haha!" Skye doubled over in laughter. " Go on. Outside you go!" She had her smug face on. I wanted nothing more than to strangle her right now.

Natalie, Alex II and I stood by the pool. A towel the only thing protecting us from the icy cold. I scowled at Skye who was grinning.

" Spit. Spot" Skye said smugly.

Natalie looked at me " You were the first to lose. You go first"

I growled at her " Maybe you should go first, because had you won, we wouldn't be here right now"

" Why don't you all jump in at the same time?" Skye snapped seriously.

Alex nodded at his mother. Then at me. We charged at Skye and dragged her into the pool with us.

We screamed and splashed at each other. " I freaking hate you" Said a soggy Skye, her arms crossed.

" THE TURKEY!" Screeched Alex. Natalie and I looked at him and scrambled to the ladders.

The kitchen was a mass of black smoke as I opened the oven. The turkey was no longer. We shared a moment of silence for the turkey.

" Pizza?" I said.

We tucked into the pizza. Skye left just after the turkey disaster, well, all the more for us then. Alex and I snuggled on the floor in front of the TV. Natalie sat on the sofa, the pizza box by her side. We watched Doctor who, and much to my despair; it was Alex's first time.
By the end of Doctor who our feels were in overload.

The clock striking ten made us all jump.

" It's time we be leaving" Sighed Natalie

I looked out of the window. A thin layer of snow had formed on the ground, it was thickening.

" On second thoughts..." Said Natalie and Alex II

Then the doorbell rang. Natalie answered it, it was Alex the first. Natalie quickly dragged him inside, almost throwing him off balance.

" What?" He asked bewildered

" Its snowing" Whispered Natalie cautiously

" And?" Asked Alex I

She looked at him. I thought she might scream at him " It wants to kill us. Trust me. The TV said so"

" Okay" Said Alex I. After all of this time with Natalie he must have grown accustomed to her... Special-ness.

" So we're staying at Electra's" Said Natalie

Alex I looked to his son. " Alexander, how do you feel about this?"

Alex II looked a little confused " What? Staying at Lecci's?" He looked at me and grinned " I think that I'll manage"

I smiled back at him and we pulled into an embrace.

Alex II peered at us " Are you two ehem?" He paused, " You know.. Ehem?" He looked at us and became louder " EHEM!?"

I finally spoke " Yes, probably"

" That's all I needed to know. Jeez" He sat next to Natalie and I sat next to Alex II. A few egg-nogs later the atmosphere was flowing.

Natalie and I were singing 'deck the halls' whilst Alex and Alex sat looking on in despair. The mood was warm and joyous, and Natalie enjoyed the time she could spend with the triplets.
We all slept in the living room, the fire keeping us warm and snug through the night. Alex II and I got to know eachother in the sleeping bag.

It was the best Christmas ever.



  1. "" Okay" Said Alex I. After all of this time with Natalie he must have grown accustomed to her... Special-ness."


    Why do your posts make me laugh so much >.<



  2. Leedle! We shall.

    You know fine well what I'm implying woman.
    And you laugh because I'm hilarious. Seriously, you are lucky to have me.


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