Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Baby 15 16 and 17 Natalie and I

" Greetings Orionar" I whispered to the new baby in my arms, I gazed into his eyes and promised to love him forever.

" You're not actually going to call him Orionar are you?" Frowned Ghastly. The moment was lost.

" Problem?" I asked

" Many." He replied dully

I took little Orionar upstairs to bed. Along with Becks and Simba, they began dreaming just moments after they shut their eyes. As I walked downstairs Ghastly met me.

He opened his mouth to speak " Can I invite Sam around later?"

I looked at my watch, " Erm, yes" I replied

He smiled and ran into the kitchen, phone in hand. He must really like this friend of his- so eager to see him.

I was sitting and cuddling Hannah when the doorbell rang. I sighed as I got up.
" Yes?" I asked the girl stood behind the door.

She shifted from foot to foot " I'm here to see Ghastly" She said softly

" Sorry, we're expecting somebody, you're going to have to come around some other time"

" Well that's me!" She smiled " I'm Sam... He said it was alright for me to come"

That sneaky so and so, he knew I'd never allow a girl around. I let her in despite this, she seemed alright enough. As long as they were just friends that's O-
I turned to see Sam and Ghastly playing Tonsil tennis, I could do nothing but stare in horror.

I covered my eyes immaturely and walked into the room. Hannah looked at me

" Who is that girl?" She asked

" The death of me" I sunk into the sofa

" There there" Hannah patted my shoulder gently.

I sat talking to Hannah about my feelings 'you'll understand when you're older' she would say 'love is odd' she would repeat 'maybe you'll find love' pfft, as if: I'm a lone wolf.

Sam and Ghastly sat in the chair opposite acting all fuddy-duddy and romantic. Ick. I hated to see Ghastly grow up, but at the same time it made me happy, my baby boy had found somebody. This Sam girl was nice, and it's probably just my instinct to not want my boy to fall in love at a young age. Maybe it's a dignity thing, maybe it's because I don't have a lover. I looked at the clock

" Guest time is over" I said as I stood

Sam and Ghastly shared a look and she stood. She grabbed my hand " Thanks for having me" She smiled. Damn, why is she so nice? How can I hate such a nice person? Ghastly and Sam shared one last kiss before I kicked her out of the door.
Ghastly seemed love struck the rest of the night, he sat quietly. Staying to himself, he then put himself to bed. Wow, this love business wasn't so bad... Maybe even good.


Ring ring ring ring

My phone woke me up. I tiredly flailed my hand around the bedside table, trying to find it. Ah, I have you now beast!

" Yellow?"
" Hi, Lecci! It's Natalie"
I sat up in my bed " It wasn't me."
" What? No, I was wondering if you would do me a favour..."
What? What would she do with me? " And that is?"
" Have my babies"
I paused, stunned " B-b-b-but you're a girl, I'm a girl, how does that work?"
She giggled " Have you never heard or Doctor Sween? Well he's an expert in that stuff. With simple egg-transfer we can have perfect genetic children"
"hmmmm, okay, but I want something in return"
" Fine!" She hung up


" Natalie's here!" Screamed Hannah excitedly

I walked to the door and opened it up. Hannah jumped onto Natalie and squeezed her tight. Natalie smiled and hugged her back.

" Come on in" I gestured she enter. She did so. " Where's my reward?" I joked and crossed my arms.

She stepped to one side revealing a man. The man stood, holding one arm jittering slightly. He was well-built, his nose was soft and his lips- I would kiss them all day if I could. His eyes glittered and made my legs turn to jelly beneath me. " This is Alex, my boy"

My palms began to sweat and my mouth went dry. I-I didn't know what was happening to me. I felt butterflies in my stomach.

" El? El?" Natalie tried to get me to talk.

I tried to talk " mllllmmmm" Came the slurred response.

Natalie shook her head as Hannah dragged her away to play. Alex and I were left to 'talk'. He smiled at me and I felt my senses go insane. Oh no... I think I got... LOVE

Neither of us said anything, I would look at him, okay I lied, stare at him. Natalie walked in a little later, not sure how long.

" What an atmosphere" She said sarcastically.

" Yes" I uttered, I surprised myself with speech

" We have to go to the hospital!" She grabbed my arm

We were at the door when Alex spoke " B-bye mum!" I ran out of the door before I collapsed. We got into the car

" What do you think of him?" Natalie broke the silence

" A- " I couldn't say his name " He's erm... Nice"

She nudged me playfully " You like him"

I blushed

" OMG! You do! Knew it. I'm a genius!"

" What? I don't know what you're talking about"

" Yes you do. I can see it in your eyes!"

We finally arrived at the hospital, I couldn't take any more questions. The treatment was fast, and I barely noticed that it had finished. On the way home I had time to think. If Ghastly wanted to be with Sam it's okay. I should just allow him to make his own decisions.

When I got home Ghastly was waiting for me, with Sam.

" Mom" He began, he looked serious. Oh no

" Yes?" I asked, trying to sound as little patronising as possible.

He looked to Sam then spoke " Sam and I want to get married."

I choked on air. Spluttering all over the place.

" Mom?"

I growled " What do you need me for?"

He sat forward " I need you to age me up, I need this now, I want this" He looked to Sam and grabbed her hand " I can't wait to be with her"

My eyes welled up. " I'll think about it" I ran upstairs tears rolling down my face. I lay in bed. I didn't want my baby gone so soon, it's too early, how could he presume he's in love at an age like this? It's not right... Or is it

I turned sat on Ghastly's bed and shook him gently. " Ghastly?" I asked softly

" What?" He said sleepily

" I've made my decision..." I pulled out a bottle of champagne " Congratulations on your engagement!"

He looked elated " I love you mom" He said.

" I love me too" I whispered " Now, I'll see you in the morning" I
kissed him on the head and went back to bed. It felt good to sleep.

The morning came and I was even a little exited. Ghastly was already downstairs, and as I turned the corner I saw Sam too. Hannah was in the kitchen with Becks and Simba. Simba shouted at the top of his voice for food.
I put the hob on and made pancakes. I spoon-fed Simba whilst Becks painted the seat with food. I couldn't help but notice Sam and Ghastly sharing looks. I knew what they wanted.

I aged Ghastly up, along with Sam. They blossomed into young adults, their love still as strong as ever. They got married almost straight after. I hope that they live happily ever after.

As I waved Ghastly off Hannah stood by me " I want to age up too!" She fluttered her eyelashes

" D'aaaw How can I resist that face?" I picked her up that last time and aged her up too. As a teen she looks delightful. she has pretty features and is the top of her class, she never fails to amaze me.

Becks makes an adorable child. She loves to cause trouble and prank her brother. She is adorable just as she was a toddler, her personality is one in a million.

Simba always falls victim to Becks's pranks and it's almost cute how gullible he is. He's smart though, which is good. He has loads of friends in school and loves nothing more than playing Football with his friends.

Orionar, don't get me started on him. He has that way of making me break down into mega mother mode. He seems to never know what to do, he lacks in common sense and admittedly will be the death of me. I love kids like that.

Just moments after I aged them all up the phone rang: unrecognised number

" Hello?" I spoke
" Erm, hi" Came a quiet voice
" Can I help you?" I asked
" S-s-sorry" Came the voice, it was male and familiar.
" Who is this?" I asked
" It's Alex" He paused. My heart skipped a beat " The second"
" Ha-He-Hello" I swallowed, I felt like a school kid
" I was wondering what you was doing this weekend" I heard a shake in his voice
I couldn't speak. I felt a stone in my throat.
" Hello?" He asked " Sorry, this was a bad idea, I should have known"
SPEAK WOMAN! I had to utter a word " No!, I'm not busy. I mean" I sighed, just speak " I'd love to"
I heard him sigh in relief " See you Saturday. I look forward to it" He hung up.
I didn't put the phone down straight away, I held it to my ear. I was frozen in shock.

Love is so odd. That's when it actually hit me. I was in love. With my bestfriends son. I felt so good inside, I smiled and skipped around the house. Love, I thought. Love is amazing.


(Sorry about the pictures in this post! The Sims was being moody and I was in a rush. I promise to do better next time! :3)


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