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>insert witty title here< Baby 6

There is a change of appearances of my family because I have a new computer, hope you enjoy!

The sound of babies filled the room as my new twins fought for attention. I looked at them, already competing even at a matter of hours old. Oh how I rejoiced in the thought of the years of arguing that was soon to come. I looked at them both, they looked nothing like eachover, except for the thin wafts of blue-red hair. At first a name for them was hard to think of, but when I did, they fitted perfectly.
Emilia and Charlie.
I strolled upstairs, dramatically. For some reason I was in a swag mood today, and so making my way up with such style, I came to the door of the kids bedroom. I nudged the door. Then I nudged it again, and again and again. My patience was running out, this obstacle was cramping my style.

" Kids!" I shouted from behind the door " Open the door! I am with child! -ren, Children!" I heard banging and shuffling from behind the door, and all manner of ideas drifted through my head as to what they were doing. I was interrupted by the door opening, in the frame was two, guilty looking children, they smiled mischievously.

" Where's Poppy?" I asked inquisitively. They looked at eachover, Sarah smiled, then shortly followed by Flethchers quick 'Nothing' And as if on Que, the school bus honked. The kids both took this as an opportunity, and without delay, bounded down the stairs. I sighed and looked back at where they both once stood. In their place was a pile of washing, toys and paper. A mess.
I would have to... I gasped... Tidy-up.
I went around the room, like a wizard of mess I whizzed around, picking up socks, toys and un-neving teddies. I had cleared a clear pathway through the room, and form this angle I could see the piles of mess beneath Sarah's bed. I sighed, and nelt down to move the rubbish beneath it.
I cringed as I removed old food, and possibly ancient underwear, it was almost done when I found the biscuit packet that had gone 'missing'.

I held the empty packet up to my face. My hand trembling as I grasped it. 'My cookies' I mumbled
The door bell rang, making me drop the packet in shock. I had to leave it on the floor. Wondering down the stairs toward the door.
As I opened the door I found a beautiful lady behind it. Her hair flowed down past her shoulders, wonderful black-pink colours caught the light, purple eyes seemed to look into my soul, oh how she was gorgeous.

" Hello!" She said in a silky, perky voice.

" Erm, hello" I said in return

" My name is Natalie, I am Skye's friend"

" Well my name is-"

" I know your name Electra" She said quickly.

" Oh..." I said, my opportunity to introduce myself had been taken. And so, slightly dis heartened I said " And what is your name?"

" Natalie!" She chirped. I gestured for her to enter, and she did so. She seemed to flow through the door into the kitchen. I offered her some cookies. They didn't lats that long. We spoke for a little while. Our conversations drifted from one to another, from flower arranging to funerals from funerals to bog brushes, the time flew bye.

A high pitched noise filled the house. Causing Natalie to cover her ears. She opened her mouth to speak

" Are you killing cats in this house?!" She shouted over the noise

I cringed " No, that'll be the babies"

" Your'e killing babies!? You sick woman"

I shook my head " No, they're crying"

" Make it stop." She simply said. And I planned to.
As we Swaggered up the stairs the noise got louder, into the room Nat and I ventured, each of us picking up one of the twins. The noise immediately stopped. I snuggled little Charlie

" Errr..." I heard

I turned to see straight what she could. " I will kill them" I muttered

" Oh my..." I heard Nat say quietly.

We both looked at the door. And Poppy, hanging off of the coat hanger on it. She wobbled slightly, her feet flailing, she giggled hysterically. She was hung from the back of her baby-grow, stretching un naturally. Poppy seemed quite happy with her position a meter and a half off the ground. The poor child had fell victim to too many of Sarah and Fletchers practical jokes. Just last week I found her in the washing machine, thankfully I decided not to roll-and-rinse cycle. Nat stood still, her vision fixed on my victimized child. And so, I took it upon myself to take her down.

She didn't make a sound until I put her down on the ground. I heard a cracking noise from behind me, and I turned to see Natalie's foot raising from a crushed figure. She looked back at me, and almost cried.

" O-oh no" She stuttered " I didn't mean to crush the toy..." She looked at Poppy sympathetically. " I am sorry Pop-"

I felt a stone in my throat, I looked at the crushed action figure.

" Sorry Pop, or was it one of your other children's?" She turned to me.

I ran toward the pieces of figure, picking up the little bits " No" I looked up at Nat and instantly looked back down " It's mine.." I almost cried as I collected the remnants of iron man from the floor. I muttered a curse that Nat couldn't hear. She stared at me. I rushed to my bedroom, opening my top drawer, I slipped the bits of the iron man figure into the drawer, alongside posters and various other Stark- related stuff.
I heard the door open.

" Look, I didn't mean to break your toy..." Natalie said apologetically.

" He was more than just a toy" I uttered " He was special, not like other action figures. He was different, always listening to me. Even answering at times"

Natalie paused. Probably wondering if she should take me seriously or not. " Maybe.." She said carefully " We should go out, for a drink. Take the edge off, and just... have fun"

This was all sounded a little repetitive. And yet, the reply slipped from my lips " Yes"


The children tumbled into the house as Natalie and I were drinking our tea, well I was drinking MY tea. Nat was drinking herbal tea, which I told her: Was cheating. They both looked at me, wondering what was going on. I had told them to expect new people. As I would be having many of them over, to breed with. Oh god.
I almost tumbled off of my chair as I realized what they were thinking. I gave them 'the look' making sure they knew not to gawk. I excused myself from the ill-flowing conversation, to slip upstairs. I made sure the kids were clear that Nat and I were just friends, and that they were definitely grounded. Sarah, being Sarah, made the point that grounding her would be a bad idea, seeing as I would be expecting her to babysit Poppy, Fletcher and the twins tonight. I couldn't argue with the child, nobody could, and so I left her to it.

Natalie and I got our Glad rags on. Ready for a night that would inevitably be a disastrous evening. I was always the one to remain optimistic. I loved my outfit. A nice red dress, and I looked great in it, even if I do say so myself.
Natalie and I wondered through town, finding the best club to crash. We decided to go into a night-club called 'the crash' which seemed an appropriate name. Natalie dragged me in with my arm. She dragged me through the crowd, straight to the dance floor. Where we did some serious moves.. After the 9th glass of wine it was starting to get hazy. And my worries seemed to drift away with the 12th glass. I don't recall how many Natalie had had, but I am pretty sure she was left behind at drink 7. Nat and I wobbled drunkly on the dance floor, pretending to be good dancers.
The rest of the night is patchy, but I am pretty sure Nat and I got bored of the club and raged havoc on the town.

The morning was bright, not a cloud in the sky. I opened my eyes, trying to remember the nights events. Without success. I swung my feet over the sides of the bed, the room spinning frantically as I began to walk. Almost tripping over and falling down the stairs. Natalie appeared relatively un effected by the nights events. I looked at her, not a line on her eyes, not a dark bag underneath. How resilient.
I wondered downstairs, toward Nat. She offered my food. I took it without question, as I sat down I just had to ask:
" What happened last night?"

" Ah," She said " You don't remember do you?"

I shook my head.

" I am not surprised" She giggled to herself " If I'd had as much to drink as you did I wouldn't be able to stand up, never mind give an entire speech on Iron man paradox"

I looked at her " I did that?"

" I was as surprised as you are now" Wow. Didn't see that one coming.

She held up a hand full of pictures in her hands. " You want to see what happened last night?" She asked

NO " Yes" I whispered

" Who is the yellow guy?" I asked

" haven't got a clue, some townie, seemed to take a shine to you though"

" Interesting-" I was about to say something else when my stomach churned. Oh god no.

I aged up the children, Nat helping me.

Sarah became a young adult, very crisp and intelligent, she is a scientist, and is engaged to Shane, with a little girl on the way, I am gonna be a grandma. I am still a teenager.

Fletcher became a good looking teen. What he lacked in brains he made up for in looks. He has had 12 girlfriends in this week alone. That little so and so, sometimes I worry about him.

Poppy is the cutest child ever, she still has her hair the same, up in pinkies. She is certainly gifted in art and is taking singing lessons.

As for the twins, Emilia and Charlie, they are adorable, Charlie seems to talk better than Emilia, but she can already walk, they are the complete opposite. My first twins, and my first children to inherit my hair colour. Yay.

The bump. Is getting bigger. And despite the back pain, I was looking forward to the chance of orange kids.

If you are out there please comment, criticize, all the same to me, give me feed back PLEASE.


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  3. Great post! I like how bad the kids are! Yes, I'm a weirdo, I like bad children...oh well...great job!

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