Thursday, 14 February 2013

The Wedding (part 1)

This is the story of my wedding. I, Electra Danton of England, am getting married today. My life started 19 years ago, in an Ordinary home, with ordinary parents.
Brought up in an orthodox Jewish family with strict orthodox parents. Religion did not teach me morals, or even right from wrong: it taught me that to be different is false. My so called family claimed that my actions were a mere abnormality. I recalled the many times when they pretended not to be related to me. I pretended that it didn't bother me, but it did, it wrenched my heart out every time. In school we were taught that love is unconditional; that was the biggest lie of my life, not once did my parents say that they loved me- or even implied it. I was their shame and their burden. I became friends with some other kids from troubled families, they all listened to me and understood me. They even talked me out of it when I got to the very edge. My mother of course ruined all of that. She claimed that they were 'the wrong crowd' and that it was their fault for my 'promiscuity' and 'rebellion' But it is always important to remember the good times in life. My brother- wait no, more that that- My twin. My childhood would have been much different if it weren't for that little guy. In primary school I always stood up for him, the first to defend him when his motor mouth got him into trouble. I made sure nothing hurt my brother. We were inseparable. At home we would play tig, much to my mothers disgust, trailing mud through the kitchen. When we started high school it all changed though. Suddenly it was I that needed the help, Kevin seemed to have fit in well, I however found it hard to make friends. It took a year to be approached by Susana and another month for Arthur. But when we became friends there was no stopping us. All of those times we had to run faster than eachother whilst running from the police. We thought that we were invincible. But after Susana got arrested the first time, we realized just how wrong we were. We toned the crime down to shop lifting, vandalism and other low-key crimes. I realize now how stupid we all were. We were however better than many teenagers of our age though. I had before witnessed my classmates being stoned or drunk; I ofcourse took that opportunity to rob from the hammered and vulnerable. I remembered when I got pregnant, when it all changed, at the time I thought that it would destroy my life... But it actually saved it. Yes it got me kicked out, yes it made my family ashamed, but Sarah was the one who rescued me. Without her I wouldn't be doing this challenge, have my soon-to-be-husband, or my precious bestfriend Natalie.


A loud thudding at the door " C'mon Lecci!" Screamed Natalie " It's your wedding day!"

I heard the others giggling in excitement in the background.

I stood up quickly, the excitement and adrenaline setting in. I opened the door, being met by a head-on cuddle from Chloe " I love weddings!" She squealed.

I smiled back at her, she seemed so happy. I felt so happy. I was going to get married! Marriage doesn't happen everyday you know-
I'm not Henry the eighth afterall.

I gestured that they enter with a wide swoop of the hand.
One by one they came in and sat on the sofa.
I watched the back of their heads as I walked back into the living room. Becks turned her purple head to face me.

" Is it not social protocol to offer us a hot beverage?" She laughed, extracting a snigger from Skye

I shook my head and tried to hold down a giggle " Yes" I said " Would you like tea, tea or tea? Wait!" I paused " We do have some new tea in too"

Chloe spoke quietly " Any coffee?"

Skye shook her head and I spoke loudly " NO COFFEE IS SERVED IN THIS HOUSE!"

I left them to discuss as I made the tea. I boiled the kettle as I muttered under my breath 'coffee?' I shook my head 'blasphemy I say, blasphemy!' 'coffee will be the death of me'
 Wondering back into the living room; a tray of steaming mugs in my hand. Skye looked delighted whereas Chloe still seemed a little disheartened after the coffee incident, yet grabbed a piping hot cup. I sat down on the arm chair beside the full sofa, slurping the tea in my hand.

Paisley stived to break the awkward silence mixed with loud slurping and gargles " So... When are we going to..." She shrugged ".... Actually get ready?"

Natalie nodded, she didn't look away from the spot on the wall her eyes now seemed to be engaged to.

Skye stood up with Becks " Lets do this shit!" She looked to Becks and they both fist pumped.
The other less motivated people and I stood up to follow Skye and Becks bounding up the stairs. I hated this part, when I had to act feminine...

Skye flung open the wardrobe dramatically. She ran her finger along the line of dresses, her finger paused, then grabbed at a dress-
Then another
Then another...

The most concerning part of it all was the incredible ease she managed the entire process with. In almost a minute, she was cramming my bridesmaids and myself into dresses.
The chaos was noticeable, but mostly it worked smoothly. As I said, Skye was cramming people into dresses, and she'd set Paisley onto makeup. Chloe had taken control of hair, but only after Skye had clothed us.

Speaking of Skye, she's the best person in the universe for talking to about strange things. While she slipped the dress over my head, and stared too long at Paisley getting changed herself, we started talking about all kinds of... weird things.
When the, quite frankly better- forgotten- than- remembered conversations had ended Natalie approached me with a mirror, it was small so only part of my face could be seen at any one time. The girls looked at me expectantly as I lifted the mirror to my face.
Before I peeked at my face I looked to Chloe- She had her hands near her face, I was sure that had it not been for the intensity of the moment she'd either be dancing or screaming at this moment.

I looked at myself.
Skye and Paisley's brows raised expectantly.
I smiled brightly " I look..." I shook my head in despair " There is no way I can say this and not sound cheesy"

Paisley laughed " Just say it!"

I nodded " I look-" I allowed suspense to build " -As beautiful as Sherlock"

My words had a mixed reaction from the girls, Paisley and Chloe seemed to have a look of hopelessness plastered on their faces, Skye on the other hand seemed utterly delighted by my reaction. I do however, think that they all knew how much I loved it. And I did, I looked like a princess: I didn't know it was possible, but I felt even more excited than before.
Then it occurred to me-

" Oh my God!" I stood up " I'm getting married in three hours!"

The girls looked at each other to understand what was happening.

" That means we need to get going" I said. They didn't move " DRIVE BITCHES!"

They jumped up and scurried down the stairs, like little giddy puppies. When the collection of colourful babes got to the door they came to a halt. Natalie whispered something into Becks' ear. I couldn't hear it, but I was almost certain it was about me. Becks nodded to her and smiled. I wondered what she had said.
I was going to confront her, see what they were saying. But then all five turned to me, they smiled giddily and Chloe opened the door dramatically, there was an old fashioned car waiting for me outside, it had a petite white ribbon tied to the bonnet, that stretched around the... Bentley  I think it was a Bentley... (Finding it so hard not to make a Skulduggery reference)
I shot happy-rays at them all,

" I can't believe it you guys!" I bounced " I didn't expect this, thanks you guys!"

Natalie smiled at me " We knew you would like it!"

" I do" I smiled back

" Good" Natalie said " Because I charged it from your credit card"

I pretended not to hear that comment and nodded.

Skye stepped forward " As wonderful as this moment it... It truly is, HURRY UP AND MOVE!"

We sprang to life and hurried down the pathway toward the house, there was two vehicles, so we spilt, because Skye would be the one giving me away (In the absence of father or mother, she was practically a parent to me) her and I shared the main. While Natalie, Chloe and Becks hopped into the other car behind.
The Bentley began to trek forward.

I turned to Skye " I can't believe I'm getting married"

" Me either" She said to me " I'm still trying to understand how you ended up in a relationship"

I crossed my arms " Thanks, love you too Skye"

She patted me on the shoulder awkwardly " Just kidding, live you really." She paused " But seriously, how did you manage to get him?"

I shook my head and tried not to laugh " Just think" I looked at her

" I do that a lot already Electra" She said sarcastically.

I rolled my eyes " Maybe you and Paisley will be getting married one day, and it'll be me taking you to your big day" I winked at her

Skye didn't answer.

I looked at her " You mean?..."

She shook her head " No, not yet"

I allowed my jaw to drop " But... You will?"

" Maybe" She said

I clapped my hands " Yay"

Skye peered at me " Anyway, this is your big day. Enjoy it."

The car slowed as we came closer to our destination

Skye sat up " Isn't that your little lodger over there?" She pointed to Arthur in the distance

" Erm..." I glared ".. Yes"

" He isn't dressed very smart" Skye said dully " Frankly rude" She allowed a moment to pass " No matter how cute he is. I like him, marry him instead"

I laughed loudly " Hey! It's my wedding day, and you're telling me to marry somebody else!?"

She shrugged.

I hopped out at the curb where Arty stood. I embraced him " What are you doing here?" I asked, him still in my arms " Why aren't you at the seats, where they actual service takes place?"

" I just came to see you before your big moment" He said bluntly

" Surely you could tell me that after the service" I smiled

He shook his head " Nah, I'm not coming to the actual wedding" He sighed

My heart sank " What? Why?" I felt a mixture of disappointment and hurt.

He looked down Solomon " It's not.." He rubbed the back of his neck "... My scene"

I looked deep into his eyes and stared sympathetically " But I can't have my wedding without you"

His expression changed slightly " I'm not even properly dressed"

I smiled " As long as you're here" I kissed his cheek " Now go sit down you numpty"
He dragged his feet a long the floor, he disappeared around the corner.

Skye nudged me " He likes you"

" Shut up" I laughed

Becks, Chloe and Natalie wobbled down the path toward us, they smiled at us.

" You ready?" Smiled Skye " It's your big moment"

" Always." I replied.
Natalie, as my maid of honour; was the first behind me. Next was Chloe, Paisley then Becks (in no particular order might I add) Skye slipped her arm around mine and walked a step.


Brakes skidded behind us, we all turned suddenly. A small blue car came into view, it was going fast, really fast.
As it came closer it showed no sign of slowing. Becks bent around to talk to me

" I think that the dude in that car is about to run you over"

I nodded " I think so too"

" SCARPER!" Yelled Skye.
We ran toward the tree lining, just on time apparently, as the car only came to a sliding halt as it hit the grass, on which we once stood.

Becks clenched her fists and stormed toward the car. She didn't hesitate to rip open the door and grab the driver. She dragged him up by his collar and shoved him onto the roof. The poor man tried to flail about but Becks showed no sign of loosening her hold.

She looked him in the eye " See that woman over there?" He didn't look round " Well, she is about to get married. And you almost run her over." The man looked in fear. " Now little man, I don't want to damage that pretty face of yours, but I don't know..."

He turned to look at me " I'm sorry, I didn't mean t-" He spoke in an English accent. He stopped " Electra?"

Then it hit me " Kevin?"

" Electra," He pulled away from Becks, whom looked rather confused " I came all of this way for you" He laughed with his head in his hand " And I almost killed you"

" Shut up and love me" I ran toward his and we melted into eachother.

Chloe interrupted " And he is?...."

" Oh!" I put my hand on Kevin's shoulder " Guys, this is my brother, Kevin"

Natalie put her hand on her hip " Would it be inbred if I were to have his babies?"

" Let me think" I said " YES!"

" That's a shame, he's a cutie" Grinned Skye

" He's my brother" I tightened my grip on his shoulder " Stupidity, bad driving and punctuality. He never has a clue what's been going on" I opened my eyes " And has to go sit down!"

He smiled oddly and scurried away. I watched as he walked- or rather wobbled around the corner.

" Right" I breathed in " Are we ready?"

" It depends" said Paisley as she slipped in position " Any more relatives you haven't told us about"

I smiled " I hope not"

It was time that we moved, too much time had already been wasted. I took one last deep breath and took a step. I half expected a random disaster. None came.
We slowly rounded the corner, I felt butterflies in my tummy as the music began to play. Skye tightened her grip around my arm as she saw Alex. My eyes drifted around the crowd, everybody I would have wanted was here. I was pleased to see Sarah and Fletcher sitting at the back, wearing their best (Just as I taught them to) They sat next to Betty and all other old faces. Within the crowd was also the famous Bridget, talking to... Loki?

My eyes then drifted toward Alex, he took my breath away. His suit was tailored perfectly for his frame, he had his best watch on, along with his beautiful smile. My legs turned to jelly, just as they did that day we met. It all seemed so surreal, it seemed only yesterday that we had just met, and now we were getting married. This is the highlight of my life. I need to make the most of it.
Skye stepped forward again, dragging me with her. The crowd stopped talking, the room was looking at me. I blushed and looked to my bridesmaids. They all looked so gorgeous, I could see the joy on their faces, and they should have been happy, they were sharing in my big moment. And I wouldn't have wanted to share it with anybody but them. When I turned back around I realized I was just steps away from the vicar and my Alex.
Skye let go of my arm and walked to the side with the bridesmaids. I looked to Alex and gently grabbed his hand, we turned simultaneously to face the vicar. Nerves bubbled inside me, I shook, not in fear, but in sheer excitement and happiness.

The vicar spoke with an old and deep voice

“ Alexander Windfield the second and Elizabeth Danton will be married in the eyes of God and in the law. If anyone has a reason why they cannot be lawfully married, please speak now or forever hold your peace.”
My heart pounded vigorously as the next moments passed.
After 10 seconds the priest continued.
“ Do you two know of any legal reason of why you wouldn’t be able to be joined in holy matrimony?”
I shook my head, and so did Alex
" Okay" The priest smiled and looked to the sky, As if he was trying to  remember what to do next. It must have come to him because his mouth opened “ Now today, Elizabeth and Alexander II, you will be proving to the congregation your love to each other. As this couple, so in love that they have made the decision to write their own vows. First to mr. Windfield" He seemed proud of himself. He looked to Alex
“ Elizabeth May Danton, I promise to love and be with you always and forever. My life has been so different since you came swanning in, laughing at my 'stupid face' and putting salt in my coffee. Oh-" He grinned bashfully " And the constant Sherlock and Doctor who references"
" Woo!" Skye shouted. I shook my head and smiled.
Alex continued " But I love you more than the world. There is nothing that I wouldn't do for you Electra. You bring happiness and light into my life, and every second with you makes my life worth living. You are the first, and only person I will ever love, together forever, until the day I die"
Emotions took a hold, I allowed a tear to roll down my cheek
" Mrs. Danton?" The vicar signed to me that it was time that I did my speech.
I cleared my throat " You are like a weeping angel to me, I just can't stop staring at you. To me, you are like the TARDIS; because every time I look into your eyes, I feel like my heart is flying around the universe. For you, I would wait a thousand years, just as the last centurion did. Sometimes it's as if you are from Gallifrey, because you are out of this world. And every time I see you, you make my heart go wibbly wobbly every timey wimey. Hopefully one day you will get to know that I am much bigger on the inside, and what I really mean to say is.. You are Dalek-table" I breathed out. That was all I had written, and it fitted perfectly. 
" Oi!" Yelled Skye loudly " Is that I sonic screwdriver in your pocket Alex?" She looked to Chloe and they both yelled " Or are you just happy to see her!?"
A snigger from the audience before the vicar continued
“ To conclude that, do you, Elizabeth May Danton, take Alexander II Windfield as your lawful wedded husband?”
“ Forever and always.” 
“ To conclude, do you, Alexander II Windfield, take Elizabeth May Danton as your lawfully wedded wife?”
“ Forever and always.”
“ Now onto the ring exchange. The ring is of symbolism, because a circle is infinate. A circle will move on forever. The ring is precious. A ring is something that you want to treasure forever and ever.  All of those factors are like a marriage. Elizabeth, please repeat after me.
" I, Elizabeth May Danton, give you Alexander Windfield, this ring, as a symbol of my love for you.” 
My voice was shaky with nerves.
“ I, Electra Danton, give you Alexander Windfield, this ring, as a symbolism of my love for you.”
I slid the ring down his finger. He looked up at me and grinned, a tear in his eye. 
“Alexander, repeat after me. I, Alexander II Windfield, give you Elizabeth May Danton, this ring, as a symbol of my love for you.”
He grinned at me. Allowing a tear to stumble over the creases caused by his tear.
“ I, Alexander Windfield, give you Electra May Danton, this ring, as a symbol of my love for you.”
He slid the ring onto my finger. It fitted perfectly, just as the two of us did.
The vicar rubbed his hands together and smiled " And so, by the power invested in me, I now pronounce you man and wife. You may now kiss the bride"
" Finally" I said. Dragging him down by his collar, I kissed him hard on the lips, I made sure that we shared every tear between us.
The crowd stood up and clapped
My lips were still firmly pressed to Alex's face, but out of the corner of my eye I saw Arthur. He was still sat, his head in his hands, not moving. I felt an ease of sadness for him. I pulled away from Alex and looked all around my friends. I saw something at walked toward it.
" Skye?" I stopped in front of her " Are you... Crying?"
" No" She wiped away a tear " It's just raining on my face"
Paisley walked up behind her and put her hand on her shoulder " My little Skye is just emotional that her baby Electra is growing up" Paisley kissed her on the cheek.
Skye wiped away the last tear from her face and looked at me " You're still an idiot" She said as she leapt into my embrace. I hugged her warmly.
I felt a hand on my hip from behind. I smiled realizing straight away whom it belonged to, I turned " Hello miss Windfield" Said Alex

I kissed him " Hello mr. Danton"

" That's not how it works Electra" He shook his head

" Yes it is" I giggled

" Yeah.. It is" He giggled back at me.

Kevin came up to us, his face red with tears. He flung his arms wide open for a hug. I pressed myself into his chest and clutched him tight.

" Ehem" Coughed Alex

" Oh" I had forgotten that Alex didn't know who Kevin was, or even that I had a twin brother. " This is my twin brother, Kevin" I showed him off to Alex, as if he were an old antique

" Pleased to meet you" Smiled Alex warmly and grabbed his hand to shake firmly " Hello, brother"

I felt so happy, my husband... Yes, husband (Still getting used to that) was the nicest guy on earth.

" TIME TO PARTY!" Screamed Becks from behind me.






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