Friday, 1 February 2013

The Hen party

I looked in the mirror and applied more red lipstick.


" Come in" I beckoned, not looking around.

The door opened to reveal Arthur " Just came to see if you were alright" He smiled " You've been in here a while"

I nodded and turned away from the mirror " I need to look my best for the Hen night" I giggled, grabbing my little red dress. I slipped behind the partition to put it on.

" I didn't think that you'd be interested in that sort of thing" He said, not able to see my face

I slipped out from behind it, now wearing the dress " Why not?" I asked

" Because well, you never used to drink"

I smiled to myself " I didn't. But then I met Natalie"

" This Natalie person sounds interesting, I'd love to meet her" He rubbed the back of his neck.

I turned my back to him " Would you zip me up?"

" Y-yes" He said, placing his fingers on the zip. I held my hair out of the way.

His hands slid up to the top shakily " Done" he said quietly.
I turned to him and smiled

" How do I look" I asked, giving him a spin

He grinned " Amazing"

" You're just saying that" I smiled and looked at him " You are such a great friend Arty"

" Th-thanks" He smiled weakly

I turned to kiss him on the cheek. He looked at me in surprise " What was that?"

" A thankyou for being such a good friend" I ran out of the bedroom to find my phone. Arty still in the bedroom.


" My Taxi is here!" I shouted up the stairs

Alex came in from the living room " Okay, don't get too smashed" He laughed

" No promises" I giggled, kissing him on the lips.

With that I left, jumping into the taxi.
I looked out of the window, gazing upon the creeping night. Street lamps flickered to life and the sun disappeared over the horizon.
It was party time.

I clambered out of the taxi in front of the bar 'woohoos' there I waited for my friends.
I glanced at my watch 8:00 they're due any minute now.

Becks and Chloe jumped up at me from behind. I jumped forward and almost snapped my heel. Chloe was wearing a flattering blue dress, with a necklace that suited the neck-line. Becks was wearing something more to the Hen-night-theme, it was a little kinky outfit, with thick coats of make-up.

Natalie then turned up, she was wearing a school-girls costume, she looked adorable.
We all gathered around in a huddle to keep warm.

We were waiting on Skye and Paisley.
Beginning to doubt that they were coming.
But then they appeared.
Holding hands.
I had forgotten that they'd be together, holding hands and-

Natalie ran up to Skye " No kissing in public!" Then she laughed " You two are adorable!" She hugged them both.

We looked to eachother and smiled " Line up!" I squealed.

We lined up where the entrance was, all excited to be in a fancy club such as this.
One by one we entered the club.
When I entered the lights flashed dully, and the music thumped and drilled into my mind. It was amazing.
I joined Skye and Becks dancing on the dance floor. All 6 of us danced for a while, we were beginning to sweat, the songs flicked through, and we danced to every one of them.

We stopped only for drinks, and lots of them.
Paisley's dance-energy was the first to run low

" I'm pooped" She breathed heavily " I'm going to sit-" She breathed " Down"

" Aww!" Said Skye, still shaking her booty

Paisley held up her finger to sign 'one moment' " I need to catch my breath first"

I looked to the girls and laughed. Paisley sat down and watched onward.
Skye was on a roll, dancing to every tune, even swing... Alone.

The DJ changed the tune and turned it down " Now for a request!" He shouted down the mic.

Natalie Came running back toward us " You'll love this" She grinned, she grabbed my arm and pulled me to the centre of the dancefloor

The tune came on:
Hakuna Matata

I looked to Natalie and allowed a grin to engulf my face
We jiggled " HAKUNAMATTATA!" We screamed, laughing.

Natalie and I plonked our bottoms on the chairs, exhausted. We were all sat down...
Except Skye and Becks, they carried on dancing.

" How are they not tired out?" I asked

Chloe shook her head " Becks could go all night" She paused " Not like that Electra" She scowled at my giggles

Paisley nodded too " Skye, there's no stopping her"

Natalie took a big gulp of her drink and spoke loudly " Lets have a bet!" She had all of our attention " Who do you think will run low first?" She looked to us all expectantly

We ummd and arrrd in decision.

Natalie spoke " Skye, she's invincible"

Chloe whispered " Becks, she's-" She gulped " Insane... Lord knows what she's capable of"

Paisley decided that Skye would win, but I had faith in purple and perky Becks.
The three others and I sat and jugged for hours, chatting about stuff, apparently Chloe can speak very fluent French... Although whether she realized that she was speaking in it was beyond me. Natalie was singing a song about cheese and postal strikes in South Africa, Paisley was just sat, staring at Skye, who was dancing on, without a sign of stopping.

Eventually Chloe was asleep on the table, Natalie had stopped singing and I was ready to say something witty

Suddenly Paisley sat up " She's won!" She pointed to the dance floor

" Ha!" Natalie pointed at me " I win!"

" Crud" I muttered, I decided not to wake Chloe, she seemed peaceful enough.

Becks was sweating now, she went to get a drink from the bar, gulping it down quickly.

She approached our table of miscreants " 'sup with Chloe?" She asked

I shook my head " A question beyond most of us"

Becks looked to her friend in concern " I should take her home..."

" BOO!" Shouted a drunk Natalie

" You're right, it's time that we all gave in for the night" I said

" BOO!" Shouted Nat again

Paisley stood up, Becks leaned Chloe on her shoulder and slugged her way to the door. Paisley tried to grab Skye, who was still dancing. Without success, I tried to drag her away.

Natalie was still in the corner " BOO!"

Eventually we were all out of the club, the evening's fresh air was a relief to feel on my face, it was cool, which made me breath deeply, I felt fresh again.
I stayed back to make sure that all of the girls got home safely, after a while Skye and Paisley's taxi arrived and I was free to go home.

It was early morning by my return home, I saw Alex in the hall, tapping at his watch sarcastically

" What did I say about not drinking too much?" He said

" Shut up" I said kissing him.

" You're drunk!" He smiled, not pushing me away.

" I know" I said " I know"



    I totally ship Electra and Arty.

    just sayin.

    1. Yay!
      Also, yes you won.
      But to my expense.

      ~ Lorn (who is pleased that you commented)

  2. i hate Arty.
    kill him with fire

    1. I actually kill sims with fire in my spare time.
      I shall do it for you, but know he will return.

      You know what happens next, and after that... It ends well for you.

      Glad you commented