Saturday, 26 January 2013

Friends baby 31

" WAKEY WAKEY!" Screamed Jack, walking through the house, bashing at a pan with a spoon " MEETING!"

I was too tired to wonder why my son would be wanting a meeting at- I glanced at the clock- 5.00am.
I kicked Alex in the leg. If I had to get up he did too.

Walking out into the hallway rubbing my eyes I saw the rest of the household. All as unimpressed as I.

" What?" Yanto whined.

" Gather around humans!" We all huddled around in a circle " I would like to inform you all" He scanned the circle " That I have a big part in a play coming up!"

" Why did you tell us this now?" I asked " Why at 5 in the morning?"

He looked at me with a vacant expression " When else would I tell you?"

I saw Arthur about to say something. I shook my head at him and mouthed 'it's a lost cause' his mouth shut quickly after.

We were all about to disperse back into our bedrooms when Alex stood forward " Seeing how everybody is here..." We all looked at him expectantly " I should probably tell you that" He looked as if the words were hurting him " That when mummy and I get married I'm going to be going away for a while"

I had forgotten that he hadn't told the children that yet. This surprised me, how could I forget?

I looked to Yanto, his little red eyes pinkened around the rim " B-B daddy" He ran into Alex and jumped into his arms " I don't want you to go daddy" He cried into his shoulder " I- I love you daddy"

Alex looked sad " I love you too Yanto, I love you all, but daddy has to go. I'll be back before you know it" He hugged Jack " I promise"

" Whatever" Muttered Eden " I'm off to bed" The others all scurried away with her. Alex looked at me soberly and we both made our way back to bed.

The morning came way too soon. I pulled myself out of bed and groaned.
" Took you long enough to stir" Said Alex as he buttoned his shirt in the mirror.

I sat up, rubbing my eyes " Where you going?"

" A meeting" He picked up two ties " Which one red-" He showed me the tie " Or blue?" He held up the other

" Blue" I said " What meeting?"

He smiled and sat down on the bottom of the bed " For the army" He fiddled with his tie " You know, going over protocol and everything"

I smiled weakly " I wish you didn't have to go"

" It's okay" He hugged me " I'll be back before you know it" He looked into my eyes " Dad will be there to protect me, I will come back and when  I do you won't have noticed I was missing"

He kissed me on the cheek and stood. When he got to the door he turned and blew me a kiss. I pretended to catch it as he left.

I got dressed to take Jack and Yanto to school.
Upon arrival Jack turned to me

" You lookin' forward to my show this evening?" He asked excitedly

" Very much so" I smiled, then turned to Yanto " Why do you not have a part?"

He looked at me curiously " I don't want a part. I don't like theater. I like real life, like a real person"

" Forget I asked" I said meekly.

When I got home I was straight down to wedding business. I called all of my friends; making sure that they would be there on my big day.
Then, I called my brother.

The phone rang a few times then a voice that made me happy to hear

" Hello?" Came the voice from the other end
I was silent
" Hello... Who is this?"
" El-Electra" I said a little too quickly
" Electra Electra? MY Electra or just Electra"
" Shut up idiot, it's me"
" ELECTRA!" H screamed down the phone
I pulled the phone from my ear " Yes, it's me. Look I was wondering-"
" Where have you been? Where are you now?"
I put my question on hold " I'm in America"
His voice seemed a mixture of relief and happiness " I'm so glad you're okay, I couldn't have my little sis being hurt"
I rolled my eyes " You're 5 minutes older than me!" I laughed
He laughed back.
" As I was saying-"
" Oh, yes sorry"
" I am getting married" It made me smile just to say it
I heard him gasp in shock " Really?" His voice was twinged with excitement " Who to?"
" You'll find out on the day!"
" You mean I can come?" He sounded so happy
" No" I started sarcastically " My twin brother can miss the most important day of my life"
He laughed hysterically " I can't believe it!"
" Me either"
" Well, I'd love to stay and chat, but it's church in a minute. Speak to you later!"
" Bye"
" Bye!"
I hung up.

I felt good now that I had heard Kevin's voice once more. Glancing at the clock I saw that I only had 10 minutes until Jack's show.

I met Alex there.

Sitting down and watching Jack play Indianan Jones was comical, he always said that he would be just like him. And he didn't have long to go either, he had already had to call the fire brigade to remove him from a tree and a minor misunderstanding with the Police about an escaped tiger.
The play got a standing ovation.

When we got outside Alex turned to me " I don't want to go, who will look after you?"

He looked sad, I kissed him on the cheek " I can look after myself"

" I wish I could just stay, and be with you- my loving wife-to-be"

" Trust me" I held his hand " I wish you could stay too"

He and I shared a kiss, it was long and loving

Arthur pulled up beside us in the car " C'mon we don't have all night"

I giggled at Alex then jumped into the car. Jack and Yanto jumped into the car and we set off home.
I put the kids to sleep, Jack and Yanto slipping asleep straight away.

" I'll make tea!" Smiled Alex, wandering into the kitchen.

I could hear vague music coming from somewhere in the house. Curious to find out where from I went looking.
The sound was coming from the activity room, it was Arty

" I didn't know you could play" I walked in without announcement.

He jumped slightly " Yeh"

" What are you playing?" I asked

" What ever seems right" He replied without looking at me.

" Play as if I weren't here" I wanted to hear him play again.

" What should I play?" He looked at me

" As you said- whatever seems right"

He nodded and started on a tune.
The introduction was familiar. Then he began singing along gently I instantly recognized:
Chasing cars- snow patrol 

As he sang the lyrics seemed to get more and more meaningful, he shut his eyes and allowed every note to possess hem, I never knew just how well he could sing and play.

When he finished he opened his eyes and looked at me expectantly

" That was... Beautiful" I said quietly

" I know something even more so" He replied

His gaze was interrupted by Alex's arrival.

He looked at me " Would you please give us a minute?"Alex asked politely

I looked at Arthur, he looked scared. I nodded and left.


I sat slurping at my tea when


Oh God, what's happening!? Alex has hurt Arty hasn't he? I knew he didn't like him but-

I burst into the room.
Within was Arthur laughing hard whilst Alex tried to escape his grip, they were both smiling. Releif washed over me.

" What are you doing?" I asked, smiling

They looked at eachother " Friends"

I was happy to see them friends " Oh yay!" I beamed, they smiled at eachother and departed.

Alex and I met in the hallway " Thankyou so much for being nice to Arty, he's had a hard time"

" We're good now" He smiled and lifted my chin to look into his eyes

" I love you" I smiled.
We kissed sumptuously

" I love you too" He breathed

We kissed again " Forever and ever"



The next day I aged the kids up.

Ashlee is now in university, studying modern language.

Eden has moved in with Gwaine as his DJ I look forward to seeing them get big in the musical world

Melody is also at uni, she has a boyfriend who she studies social attitudes and spoken language with.

Jack is quite the dashing young lad now. Teachers keep on telling me that he is the class clown and enjoys nothing more than to cause trouble... I know he can be naughty but I think that the teachers just do't know how to deal with him

Yanto is and probably always will be a little quiet and socially awkward. He reminds me of a girl I once met...  *coughcoughSarahcough*

Luna is a giggly little ball of sunshine, she loves outdoors and the rain. A delight to have around.

Felix is a handfull, he is always eating... It is really quite odd because he never puts on weight either o.O

Baby 31 I decided to call Eponine. She is adorkable :P



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