Thursday, 17 January 2013

Dresses UGH being a girl is hard babies 29 30

" Electra?"

" Go away" I mumbled

" Electra?"

" Be gone peasant" I grumbled

" ELECTRA!" Natalie screamed.
I jumped out of my skin, my eyes stayed wide as Natalie shook her head. " You're gonna be late" She blew her nails

" Late for what?" I sat up, rubbing my eyes

She shook her head again " Your wedding-dress shopping"

I jumped out of bed instantly " Crap!"

" You have ten minutes to get ready" Natalie walked out of the room. She didn't seem quite herself lately, like something was bothering her.
I walked to the wardrobe, taking out a pair of jeans and a shirt. That'd do. Walking to the mirror, I fiddled with my hair, tying it into a simple tail.

" Smile Electra" I spoke to my reflection in the mirror " You're going to have a great time today" I tried a weak smile for myself " All of your friends will be there, at least your best ones" " I guess" I mumbled to myself " See, not smiling has lead to you talking to yourself, idiot" " Noted."
I turned away from the mirror.

" You ready?" Natalie said as I walked down the stairs

I nodded promptly.
Natalie looked out of the window silently, we watched the scenery whiz by.

Then my phone rang TO THE BARRICADES!

Natalie shook her head " I can't believe you set that as your ring tone"

I answered the phone

" Yello?"
" Electra!"
It was Chloe
" Hi"
" Where are you?"
" Almost there"
" Well come quick, I think that Skye is going to kill some random kid and... Becks is playing tig with Paisley"
" Haha"
" Hurry please, I don't think that I can take this any longer"
I hung up.

" That's interesting..." Smiled Natalie " It's shocking how odd we are all together"
As we pulled up at the dress shop the girls huddled around the taxi. I got out and we all made our way into the shop.

" It's so pretty in here!" Gawked Becks " Dresses everywhere!"

" I wish I had come to this shop for my wedding dress" Said Natalie

Skye, Natalie, Paisley, Becks and Chloe lined up at the wall next to the changing rooms.

I paced by them, inspecting them like soldiers ready for battle " Right girls" I turned on my heels " You each have ten minutes to spread out and grab dresses. Don't look at the price. If you see it, you grab it" I smiled at my dress-troops " TO THE DRESSES!"


" Right then ladies!" I clapped my hands and rubbed " What 'ave we go then?"

The girls dumped a pile of dresses on the floor. We looked at eachother for a moment. Then dove. We each picked up a collection of dresses each.
We took in turn to get changed and show off the dresses.

Becks stepped out, her cheeks were bright red " What'cha think?" She said

" You look amazing!" Cooed Natalie

" Thanks" Blushed Becks.


Chloe was the second to show off a dress, she spun around

" It looks like granny knickers" Mumbled Skye. I agreed. I think that we all did.


Natalie walked out with the third dress.

" What are you a nun?" I said " Come on, show some skin bestie"

She walked back to the changing rooms with a pout.


" ERMEGERD Paisley" I gawked " You look stunning " I love the way it looks on you" The others sounded their words of agreement.

" HAHA!" I laughed, along with Natalie " Who are you? Cruela Devile?!" I doubled over laughing

Paisley walked up to skye " It's okay... I'm sure that it looks beautiful in some peoples eyes..." She went bright red trying not to laugh.

" I hate you all" Skye walked back into the changing rooms


" It's your turn Electra!" Screamed the girl. They clapped and cooed as I got changed

" Oh my!" Said Becks " How delightful!"

I spun around, the dress flared up as I spun " Do ya really think so?"

They all nodded.

 "Have we all decided what dresses we like for bridesmaids?"

" Definitely" Smiled the girls

" We shall vote!" I put my fist up to the air.

" Dress one?" Only Becks put her hand up.

" Second?" Tumble weed.

" Third?" Nobody stirred

" Fourth?" I was hopeful. The girls looked at eachother and nodded.

" YES!" They all laughed simultaneously.


The girls stepped out of the changing rooms with the chosen dress. They all looked amazing. The dress seemed to compliment them all perfectly. The girls huddled and looked at eachother, all sharing equally delighted expressions.

I walked up to the man behind the counter " Would you mind taking a picture for me please?"

The man took the camera from my hand " Not at all"

We stood in the right position to keep us all in the shot. The camera flashed briefly.
Everybody changed their clothes and waited outside.

" Today was fun" Said Skye

" Yeh" agreed Chloe

" Well bye then!" Becks hugged me goodbye

I waved them all off.

I decided that the guy behind the counter would be a suitable father, he had little choice in the matter.

When I got home to my husbands warm embrace and my friends chaotic relationship with my dog, I decided to age up the kiddies.

Gwaine has started up a band with his friends, and is staying in a flat with them all until their band gets 'big'

Mordred is in a long term relationship with a lovely girl, he plans to become a scientist, with a membership in uni he has a lot of debts to pay off.

Arthur has settled down in the country, I have reason to believe he is now a farmer...

Morgana has become a librarian until her job picks up, I'm glad her love for books has grown so much.

Merlin is a waiter at the local cafe, he loves to serve people, never did understand why.

I was right. Gwen got married to that friend of hers, she is a nurse and is going for a PhD

Ashlee is still that smiley girl we all know and love. She never has moodswings like a normal teen, I love that, no more strops.

Eden was sad when her brother left, Gwaine told her that she could visit him any time. I see he has a soft spot for her.

Melody is super kind. She has her days, granted but she is always the girl who will come back and apologise.

Yanto is a funny child. He is always cracking a joke. Always able to make me laugh.

Jack is friendly, and loud. I think that it could be positive and negative, he is a little too trusting.

The twins I gave birth to were adorable. I called them:





  1. You know, the less frequently you post, the less frequently people expect you to post. Just something to think on.

    And you aren't the only one stressing. *hugs*
    I'll get you back for that Deville comment you know.


  2. Chloe looks so different in your game O.O

    LOL Granny knickers >.<


    Thanks again for using Chloe as a bridesmaid :)


    1. I love Chloe so much! She's so cute!
      It might be the skin I has >_>

      Thanks for commenting and the pleasure is all mine! ^_^