Monday, 14 January 2013

An old friend- babies 27 & 28

All was well.
The house was silent, nothing but the gentle tick tick of the clock disturbing the blissful silence. My feet were swung up, onto the sofa. My hands resting on Alex's warm chest and my head on his soft shoulder.

" Hear that?" I whispered

" Hear what?"

" Exactly" I smiled silently.

The triplets hadn't slept in ages, it was a sure relief to have them asleep.

" Alex?" I looked up at him

" Yes sweetie?"

I fluttered my eyelashes and gave him a cute pout " Can I have a kiss?"

He laughed " No" He grabbed my waist and tickled. He flipped me over onto my back, still tickling my torso. His fingers moved up and down. Laughing hysterically, is apparently very tiring. Despite my tiredness I carried on laughing harder and harder.

Ding dong

He stopped tickling me. I was attempting to catch my breath back

Ding dong

" I'm coming" I shouted at the door.

I walked into the hall, switching the light on as I passed. Glancing at the clock the time was 9:30; who would be coming around at this hour? Well I was about to find out. Upon opening the door, I saw a familiar face.

" Arthur?" I uttered

My old friend was unstable on his feet. " I-I just needed to talk-"
His body flopped like a fish, I panicked. He fell onto my chest. He was heavy.

Alex wondered in. He stopped in his tracks " Would you care to explain why there is a mans face in your boobs?"

" Eeeerm. No" I said " Help him up. He's too heavy for me"

" Alright" He picked him up, flicking him over his shoulder

" Be gentle" I whispered

He turned, hitting Arthur's face off of the door frame " Oh I am" He turned again, hitting his head off of the wall " Oh sorry, accidents do happen though"

He dropped him onto the sofa clumsily. I heard the feint cry of a baby he rolled his eyes " I'll get her"

Left alone with Arthur, I rested his head on my lap. His features hadn't changed, even behind the thick layer of dirt on his face I recognized him.
He stirred " Electra?" He said weakly

" I'm here" I said gently, stroking his head

" I- I needed to talk to you."

" So you came half way across the world!? Is it really that urgent?"

" You are the only one I could talk to. Nobody else would understand"

I smiled at him " What is it?"

" Susana" He said shakily. Memories of my childhood best friend flooded back. I remembered how the three of us used to play around. How she and I used to play pranks on Arty and watch as he tumbled over our feet. But then I also remembered what tore Susana and I apart.

" Yes.."

" Well we got engaged, remember?"

I didn't. Not until he reminded me. But then, it surprised me that I had forgotten; my childhood crush taken away by my bestfriend.

He didn't wait for an answer " She- She" His voice shook, he looked like he was about to cry

 " it's okay" I comforted " You can tell me"

" She" He paused " Hits me, and hurts me"

My heart sank down, I was saddened. I knew that Sue could be a little violent, and cruel- but this? This was terrible

" Why haven't you told anybody this?" I asked weakly

" I couldn't- I just" He blinked back tears " I couldn't"

He couldn't contain his tears any longer. He burst out in a fit of crying. I held him close to me as he wept. I took this chance to comfort him, before he had to go back to England. But how could I let him go back? After what Sue did to him... What she would still do. That's when I decided
" Arty, you can stay with us for a little while"

He looked up at me and sniffed

" As long as you need to stay" I smiled warmly at him

" Thankyou" He cried as he seeped into my chest crying " Thankyou"

Alex walked in with Melody " Am I interrupting?" He said inconsiderately

 " No" I said to him " We've finished"

Melody stayed silent in Alex's arms " Your friend stinks" He said dully

" Don't be so rude Al!" I turned to Arthur " Sorry about my fiance he's a bit grumpy"

" I'm not grumpy!" Alex defended

I stayed looking at Arthur " Although.... You do smell quite a lot"

" Shmell" giggled Melody

I directed Arthur to the shower. I walked down the stairs to be greeted by Alex " Who is he?" He asked

" An old friend"

" Why is he here?"

" He has been having some personal trouble"

" How long is he staying?"

" As long as he needs to!"

Alex's question spam was interrupted by a loud, feminine scream.

I ran upstairs, taking 3 at a time " What? What is it!?"

I barged into the bathroom. Arthur was dripping wet and was shaking with fear

" What?" I asked, slightly bamboozled.

Mofussa jumped out at Arthur from behind the shower curtains. He jumped up at him playfully

" Him! I get into the shower, then he gets up and tries to eat me!"

I laughed as Mofussa continued to harass him " He's not biting, he's playing. he likes you"

" But I want to get a shower, and I can't do that if there is a dog trying to eat my balls!"

I beckoned Mofussa near. I ruffled up his ears " Walkies?" I asked him



The night was cold and crisp. There was no wind.

" I can't believe you want to come out in this weather" I spoke to Mofussa

He carried on trotting happily

I looked up at the moon " What a pretty night"

Mofussa looked up at me

" Hello!" I jumped out of my skin as a man came up behind me.

" Who are you?" I asked wearily. I turned around

" Sorry, how rude of me. My name is Charles" He put his hand out for me to shake

I shook it " What do you want?"

" I'm a big fan of your work miss Danton."

" That's nice, always good to see a fan" I was still cautious of him

His hair was a bright shade of white, but his features were young. He must have only been 30 at the most. I liked his hair, it reminded me of a woman I once met, but she died horribly. I cleared my thoughts.

He shook my hand again " Sorry to bother you, I just wanted to meet you in person" He turned to leave

" Stop!"

He looked at me " Yes?"

" Do you want to be a father in my challenge?"

His face looked to be thinking " Yes" He said simply.

"Some guard dog you are" I said to Mofussa " That dude could have been a murderer, you suck at being a dog"

When I arrived home I was greeted with awkward silence. Alex sat at the opposite end of the room to Arthur.

Mofussa tugged my arm and I let him off of his leash, he instantly ran for Arty

" Oh God not again" Was the first thing that Arthur said.

Alex seemed pleased that Arty was being attacked by our dog. I sat next to him. And snuggled into his arms. We both giggled as Arty screamed in despair.

" I can not take this for much longer" Shouted Arthur, with his thick London accent.

I could tell that Alex wasn't too keen on Arty, but I couldn't just turn him away. He was a friend, and friends don't ditch.


When I had given birth to my two new twins I aged up the kids.

Gwaine became the most hot teen ever <3

Mordred is my little sweetheart, along with every other girl in the schools

Arthur is a man of mystery, I never know what he is doing. Although the fact that having a taller, just as silly Artur in the house pleases him  very much

Morgana is still quiet, she has a close bunch of friends, none seem to be too loud, I am happy that she's finally found some friends that understand her.

Merlin is always helping around the house, he reminds me of his daddy, always helpful always polite. But admittedly, very funny.

Gwen is so pretty! She is always coming home with her friends, they are all so nice. I would love to steal them and keep them for my own. Between her friends there is one boy, and between you and I- I think that they're dating.

Ashlee made a wonderful child, her face is always bright and smiley, she is a joy to be around.

Eden is almost bestfriends with her older brother  Gwaine. She looks up to him in the trouble causing name.

Melody is beautiful. She is elegant and just darn right polite. I love to be around her. She likes to sit alone and read when the whole family is up making noise and being rowdy.

The new twins I named:



They are wonderful.

As for Mofussa, he still likes to attack my friend. Arthur still doesn't like it. And my life goes on.


  1. I enjoyed this post. But now Skye needs a nickname for Arthur.

    Clotpole methinks.

    Because I'm mean like that.


  2. Thankyou Sarah.. I think

    Glad you enjoyed

    Clotpole you thinks? Clotpole...