Saturday, 5 January 2013

Birthing my best-friends children... AGAIN! babies 24,25,26

" Say Cheese!" Giggled Natalie

" CHEESE!" Alex and I bared our pearly whites for the camera.
It flashed briefly.

" Perfect" Said Nat brightly as she handed Alex the camera " But it would be even more perfect if I was in it" She put her arms around my neck and grinned, I went with it and smiled for the picture.

" Beautiful" Beamed Alex. He hooked his hand around my hip and kissed me softly.

Gwaine let out a weak cry, Natalie looked to him, then to us " See! Even your child disproves of your public scenes of affection"

I kissed him one more time before picking up Gwaine. The other babies stirred, Between the three of us we picked them up.

" This one is my favourite" Smiled Natalie " He's just so darn cute!" She tickled Merlin's tummy.

I looked at her confused. I went to pick up Arthur " This one's my favourite, it's his little face"

Alex shook his head in despair " You two are unbelievable!"

" WHAT?" Nat and I asked

" How could you" He gave Morgana her bottle " Choose a favourite like that? They're your children. You can't just have favourites; you're supposed to love them all equally"

Natalie and I looked at each other then laughed " I still love them all the same, I just think that some are cuter than others" Nat nodded in agreement.

Alex sighed " You two are so weird"

We all turned around toward the Cafe. Alex looked at me adoringly, then went to grab my hand. Natalie jumped between us, making Alex flinch away as he touched his mothers hand rather than mine. She squinted comically " No lovey business here kids"

I stuck my tongue out and kissed Alex quickly. She laughed but tried to frown. She continued to stand between us " It's the kiddies special day, not yours"

The Cafe we sat down in was bright an airy. Plants were dotted around the room and light flooded every corner, this was exactly how I imagined Paris to be. Alex stood " What'cha want?"

" Ish Cream" Gurgled Merlin

" CAKE!" Bounced Gwen

" Hot Choclat" Giggled Mordred

" Ice Cream-y!!" Clapped Natalie

" You are unreal mum" Alex mumbled as he made his way to the counter, Natalie and I squinted in concentration as we tried to listen to Alex attempting French.

" Erm.. Bonour, J'appelle Icecream parce que fatigue"

I laughed loudly at him. I myself able to speak French; understood exactly what he had just said. Able to hear my hysterics he turned and mouthed 'what?'

I shook my head 'nothing' I mouthed back. I gestured that he continue, he shrugged and did so.

The lady behind the counter seemed baffled " DO... You want ice cream? Is that what you said?"

Alex was confused " You speak English? Why didn't you say so?"

" I wanted to, but you were a little busy telling me how your name was ice cream because you are tired"

He stood, as if his dignity had been damaged " Right then" He tried " I would like 3 icecreams, 2 cakes, 2 coffee and one tea please"

The lady at the counter busied herself, making our orders.

He sat down and nodded promptly.
I decided to question him " And who taught you to speak French?"

" My mum" He answered defensively.

I looked to Natalie and shook my head. She shrugged.

" The shame!" I joked to Natalie.

The waitress arrived with our food. And, more importantly my tea. I sat drinking my tea, peacefully.

" So, when are you two getting married?" Asked Natalie

I spat out my tea, choking on the air " W-what!? It's a bit early for that isn't it?" I managed to breath

Alex sat silent.

" Not at all" Natalie seemed unaffected by my reaction " I started planning almost straight away,  and well, you're not going to be young and thin forever"

Alex finally spoke, it was a relief to hear him " I have something that I have to tell you, tell you both" He seemed sad.

Natalie and I looked at him

" I have been called up, for my" He jerked slightly, as if emotions were stopping him from speaking "  For my duty in the armed forces"

I lost all bearings, my cup fell out of my hand and smashed on the floor.

Natalie grabbed my hand " Why didn't you mention this before?"

" I-I didn't want to ruin the day, it's the little ones birthday after all" He looked to the six little ones

I felt light headed " When?"

Natalie was shocked that I spoke.

" The day after Valentines day"

" How romantic" Spat Natalie

The colour returned to my face " The we'll be married on Valentines day"

Natalie nodded weakly " Mum?" Alex asked

" That's fine, good even, at least" She swallowed " At least you have a date set"

I straightened up, I didn't want this news to ruin the day. I smiled at them " Let's go back to the hotel"
Nat and Alex looked shocked to see me composed after what had just happened. But we set off despite of this.

We admired the scenery of Paris as we made our way back to the hotel. Morgana, my little genius Morgana pointed out the Eiffel tower, Natalie whispered to me as we walked, I was slightly distracted, but I could hear her anyway.

" Would you do me a favour... Again?"

" Sure" I carried on walking

" Will you.." She paused " Have more of my kids again?"

My mind drifted " Sure"

The sun began to set, creating great, long shadows, it was so romantic.
Alex and I watched it set fully; standing on the balcony, together.

" The kids are all in bed!" Shouted Natalie, a little too loudly

" Okay" Whispered Alex as he looked into my eyes " I love you, you know that?" He said

" Y-"

" Of course!" Said Natalie " I'm your mother after all"

He rolled his eyes " Electra?"

" Yes" I kissed him passionately.

Natalie spoke softly " So, when are you gonna have my kids?"

" Wait, what?" I said, confused

" You said that you'd have more of my kids, earlier, remember?"

Alex looked at me and raised a brow, I spoke defensively " No, but okay"


We arrived back home at the brake of dawn. The air was cool and refreshing

" Mama" screamed Merlin " It'sh ma birfday"

" It is isn't it little man!" I picked him up and twirled him around. Then, I got to ageing up.

Merlin grew into a bouncing child, always the first to help out around the house

Morgana is quiet, but intelligent. She has developed her own little style.

Gwaine is very.. Loud and rowdy  he hates silence, which is probably why he clashes with his sister Morgana so much.

Mordred, he is the type to go outside, then come back 3 hours later lathered with mud, trailing it into the carpet.

Guinevere is always looking for an adventure. Constantly getting her dress muddy;  I swear, I've never done so much laundry in my life.

Arthur, adorable. His little curls are a nightmare yo control, but I think that I can forgive that.

Shortly after their birthday's the triplets were born. Natalie was there to witness it, she shed a tear or two. But; not as many as Alex did.

She decided to call them:


All as cute as the other >.<



  1. I'm back.

    Right now we're chatting. About people. And stuff.
    And you keep having Natalie's kids an it's weird. But... kinda sweet. And a little kinky.

    Or maybe a lot kinky.

    And srsly, these were pretty good pictures. Just, FYI.

    Now I must go. Stark is calling to make his life hell again.


    1. Thanks, and Hannah will be happy to hear about our kinky relationship. But the main reason I'm having them is that Becks can't and she needs to get to baby 50.

      Thankyou for the.. Positive feedback

      Glad that my pics are to your standards :)

      ~ Lorn

  2. Kinky. Nice. ;)

    Valentines day wedding! I have never heard or suggested such a day for them to marry!

    Good post.


    1. Woo!

      Yes, only a genius would have thought of such a date.
      You were very good in this post. Be proud.

      ~ Lorn