Saturday, 20 October 2012

Electra goes to Vegas. baby 11

" Hurry up!" I yelled, " We're gonna be late!"

" I'm coming, I'm coming!" Shouted Natalie as she ran across the landing

" The plane leaves in 2 hours" I paused to look at my watch " And it takes half an hour to get to the airport!"

At last Natalie appeared at the top of the stairs, with two bright pink suitcases, stuffed to maximum potential.

" We're going to Vegas for the weekend- Not migrating to India."

" You never know what you'll need, better safe then sorry"

" Meh, better sorry than paying the extra $50 fee for extra bagging"

We arrived at the airport. Natalie grabbed my shoulder and tugged. She dragged me to a gap in the people and covered my eyes " I have a surprise for you!" She giggled

" You're not going to push me down a flight of stairs are you?"

There was a pause and I genuinely thought she was. Until she uncovered my eyes...

" Surprise!" Came a wave of voices.
A rainbow! - Wait no, not a rainbow... People.

" OH MY GOD" I gasped with joy. I ran into them for a group hug, almost knocking poor Chloe out who was standing right in the middle. The group all huddled around me and laughed.

" This is going to be so much fun!" Exclaimed Becks

" Can't wait!" Jumped Chloe

" It's gonna be a weekend to remember" Smiled Natalie

" It's like Christmas but with more.... Electra" Laughed Paisley

" Yeh..." Said Skye dully. We all looked at her and raised a brow.


dum dum deeer Came the over head speakers as we arrived in Vegas the muffled voice of a lady sounding like she said can the old lady please wipe her bottom and come to check out We all laughed and hopped and skipped out of the airport.

" TAXI!" I shouted and waved my hand. 9 pulled up at the same time and all seemed to simultaneously wind down their windows.

" Over here!" One shouted " No here madams!" Came another. We all looked at each other and laughed. We hopped into the largest one available, however it did still mean that Skye had to sit in the footwell.
We all giggled and chatted as we drove, and I may have kicked Skye in the face- once, Ok maybe 4 times.

The hotel was grande and modern. We all huddled into the lift, squashing some middle aged lady that was constantly asking for autographs. Our apartment had 3 rooms, meaning that we would all have to share. Only one of the rooms had a double bed...
We all partnered up by pulling names out of a hat:
Skye and Natalie
Becks and Paisley
Me and Chloe

We all looked at eachother and ran. Nat and Skye was the fastest and managed to bag the biggest room with 2 double beds.
Becks and Paisley had bagged the room at the end of the hall.
Which left me and Chloe, stuck with the king-sized bed in the last room. Her eyes narrowed as she walked into our bedroom.

" Why do I have to share a bed?" She sat down " I like to hog blanket you know?"

" Well, it's a good job I don't sleep with Blanket then isn't it" I walked toward her " Come on-" I grabbed her hand " Let's bounce!" And so we did, we bounced on the bed like there was no tomorrow. The others wondered in

" That looks like fun!" One of them said. And they all began to jump up and down on the bed with us.

" Wee!"

" This bed is awesome!" Somebody shouted as we bounced. Paisley stumbled and Skye instantly grabbed her, with little benefit. They both tumbled to the ground making a large thud we all looked down

" Are you alright!" Worried Chloe

Skye and Paisley laughed hysterically as they rolled off of eachother. I looked at my watch. Almost 7:00pm, time to party!

" Come on guys, get your glad rags on!" And so we did.

The nightclub was busy but we managed to sneak in (We're challenge moms afterall)
We all sat on a bar stool, except Skye, who had to stand.

" Shots!" Called Natalie.
Our faces contorted as the hot-shots ran down our throats. About 6 shots later, we all drifted apart to different parts of the nightclub, drinking and socializing. I decided to drift around also.

I found Skye dancing at a poll, she was hugging and flirting with a pole-dancer. I found Paisley and put my hand on her shoulder.

" Looks like you got replaced by a hoe" I joked.

" What?" Paisley asked " Where'd she get a ho from? There's no gardening shops around here" She looked around.

I sighed and patted her on the shoulder. " It's OK Pais, you'll understand when you're older." (jokes)

I drifted to another part of the nightclub and found Chloe, she was wearing a flower-pot on her head.

" Chloe... Why is there a flower-pot on your head?" I tread carefully.

" It's a new fashion accessory" She wobbled, then grabbed the chest of the odd looking fellow at the side of her " Boon here showed me"

" Boon!?" I laughed as I walked away.

I approached Becks who was outside the nightclub, she was hugging a lampost. " Erm... Becks? What are you doing?"

" Shhh" She whispered. I can't believe she shushed me " Leave me alone with Lampy" And so I did.

Where's Nat? I asked my self, she was nowhere in sight. Then, blackness.


The next morning my head was pounding. The smell of pancakes filled the room, and I knew it was Skye's morning-after pancakes. I wondered into the kitchen to find Skye dancing on the side with only her nightdress on. It turns out it was Paisley making Pancakes as Skye danced, I sat down.

Chloe walked in with a man, it was Boon. Her eyes widened and she kicked Boon out. Becks appeared next, she had only her undies on.

" What happened last night?" She asked. We all shrugged our hung-over shrugs " Where's my dress?" We shrugged again.

We heard Chloe gasp as she looked out of the window. And we looked outside to where she was gazing. I laughed and almost fell over.

Becks' eyes opened " Oh my"

Her dress, her beautiful dress was on the lamppost, Lampy.

" How'd it get there?" Asked Skye. Becks shrugged.

We heard a feint knocking at the door and we all turned to answer it. Natalie was at the other side, she was wearing just her underwear and she was wearing a ring.

" Where have you been?" I asked as she came in. She didn't answer.

We all got dressed and took our hangover pills, I was sick just as we were supposed to be leaving, which could only mean one thing- baby on the way. Skye told me who it was, it was her Asian hooker friend, oh joy.
The flight was quiet because most of us was still recovering from the night before, I turned to Nat

" What actually happened last night?" I asked her as I pushed Skye's head from my shoulder.

" I got married- to a green guy" We both laughed " I love it in  Vegas"

" Me too"


Family update is on my next post! Hope you enjoyed!



  1. I cannot believe you made me share with Becks when my girlfriend came with us.


    Otherwise this post felt a tad disjointed, maybe try to work on that.

    1. I meant Natalie. Why must my mother talk to me at such times as these?

    2. I pulled names out of a hat- wait no it was a jar.

      And I am aware, it took me an hour all in all to write this, but otherwise, i am grateful.


    3. That is so nice skye. What a jab in the heart.

      So typical Natalie, getting married to someone random -_-'

      Great post! :D

    4. Thankyou Hannah!

      Glad you commented, shame Skye doesn't understand how awesome you are....
      And as for the joke:
      Why did the banana see the doctor?
      Because he wasn't Peeling well!